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Kwegu Tribe -
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Kwegu Tribe

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Array Kwegu Tribe Kwegu Tribe Kwegu Tribe Kwegu Tribe

The Kwegu tribe are the smallest tribe living on the western shores of the Omo River.

They are the gondoliers of the Omo River in their dugout canoes.

Ethnically related and similar looking to the Karo who they live alongside they are separated by language – the Kwegu’s language is Nilo-Saharan and has some connections to Mursi.

The Kwegu are hunters, fishermen and cultivators but, unusually in the region, they do not keep cattle. They have formed an alliance with the Mursi for protection and the provision of essential cattle for bride-price arrangements in return for honey, metal work and ferrying.

These photographs are part of The End of Days – The Last of the Omo Valley Tribes series.