As a writer and film-maker I cannot help but seek to find a narrative strand in my photographs; more often than not this has been be achieved simply in the truly extraordinary, diverse and wonderful people, faces and places that I have had the privilege to photograph.

Wherever and whatever I am shooting, if possible, I prefer utilising and working with natural or available light – not exclusively but always wherever it is possible.

Then it’s down to an interesting choice of subject and judicious framing to produce worthwhile work.

Every picture does tell a story. A photograph, usually captured in a tiny fraction of a second, is a place where an image needs to have at least some memorable effect even when briefly glanced at – and momentarily absorbed – by the viewer; or equally importantly when another chooses to explore and scrutinise the smallest detail. This is the wonder of storytelling of a different form.

Carrying an SLR camera around and being able to work almost entirely in the moment as a photographer is a liberating experience especially when I have been confined to the complex strictures and structures of film-making for much of my career. Wherever possible I also work handheld even to rid myself of the confines of a tripod.

In location portraiture especially there is always an entire story to be captured in a single frame in a moment in time. The invisible relationship between photographer and subject is also inherently relevant even if it is entirely unseen and seldom considered. It is this important perspective, to my mind, that makes an image stand out and that makes it genuinely captivating to the observer.

It should also be said though that there is a significant amount of serendipity in much of my stills work; it is largely that I have just had the opportunity to put myself in the right place at the right time to be able to take them; there is no substitute.

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss a photography project however challenging…

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