Commercials & Corporate Films

Barclays “Fluent in Finance”

A film about attitudes towards money made for Barclays with The Edge Picture Company.
The clip aims to show that even the driest subjects can be made watchable with an interesting approach.
Lighting Camera: Nic Morris.
Editor: Phil O’Dea.
Directed by Patrick Drummond.

Bank Mashill

A television commercial for an Indonesian bank subtly extolling the virtues of saving and investment through metaphor.

Written and directed by Patrick Drummond.

Shot on Super 16mm film by Allen Della-Valle.
Music by Jonathan Goldstein.
Edited by the late, great Patrick Moore.
Produced by Sarah Dent.

“Childlife” – The only handout a street kid needs

A TV commercial shot a few years ago on Super 16mm film in Nairobi, Kenya for a charity that helps to rehabilitate street children.
In an environment where glue sniffing and gangs reign a streetchild needs an opportunity for a new start rather than a cash handout.

Written and directed by Patrick Drummond.
DoP Allen Della-Valle.
Edited by the late great, Patrick Moore.

Kenya Alliance Insurance

A 45” television commercial to express the company’s commitment to the customer.
Filmed on 16mm film in Nairobi, Kenya.
Lighting Camera: Stan Barua.

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