‘Christine’ A story of an ordinary African woman

Some people one meets in life are just so impressive that one can’t help being drawn to them. Not because they are famous or successful or wealthy but simply because they are rare.

When the year was still quite new I went to Bungoma District in Western Kenya not far from the Ugandan border to make a short film for Ace Africa.

I was looking for one story that would help to present an overall picture of Ace Africa‘s work with the poor and marginalised in the area. Over the first days I met with several needy people in diverse situations all poor, all struggling against the odds; but it was Christine Nasimiyu who stood out above all the rest.

Full of fun, laughter, drive and gritty determination, Christine has raised herself from the dregs of abandonment and destitution to be a powerful force for good not only within her family but also in her community.

Ace Africa is there to help put a foot on the first rung of the ladder back to normality – and as a steadying hand to help to climb higher.

Click here and scroll down to see the short film of one of Africa’s little success stories.

Christine, Sango village, Bungoma
Christine Nasimiyu, 38, was abandoned by her husband whilst pregnant with their seventh child. Since becoming an Ace Africa beneficiary has learned not only to stand on her own two feet again but developed the skills to train and support many other people in her impoverished community.
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