An African start to 2015

Racing to the buoy
Prince makes a desperate push for the penultimate buoy.

This year started on the ever wonderful island of Lamu on Kenya’s northern coast where I photographed the annual Shela 1st January Dhow Sailing Race – a splendid all island affair when boats from the arch-rival communities of Lamu Town and Shela compete for the honour, prestige and cash rewards of victory. Click the picture or the link below to see some of the pictures.

Shela Annual Dhow Race 2105

Hairdressing salon, Kome Island, Tanzania
The girls have little to do while they await the men so they spend their time socialising and beautifying.

Then my African journey continued with a film making and photographic trip to the western parts of Tanzania and Kenya for Ace Africa.

The first destination was another extraordinary island, this time set in fresh water on the southern part of the Tanzania side of Lake Victoria, called Kome Island. Then travelling on and back up to the north west of Kenya – a few miles from the Ugandan border – to visit the people involved in Ace Africa’s original project area, Bungoma District.

See some of my pictures and read about the trip by clicking on the picture or the link below.

Ace Africa – February 2015

Hope you like them. More soon,


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