Patrick the Writer


I have been a writer all my working life. Starting as a copywriter for a number of London’s leading advertising agencies.
After a decade or so learning the skills and disciplines that the industry instills I moved into scriptwriting with The Drummond Thompson Partnership. Our clients were diverse and the work varied writing mostly for radio, television and film.
As I moved forward to a career also directing film I was, more often than not, commissioned to write my own scripts.
Subsequently, I have written treatments, full-length feature scripts, short films, TV and Radio commercials, magazine articles as well as short stories.
Writing is both a passion and pleasure. To craft and develop engaging characters and convincing, entertaining stories starting with no more than an idea and a blank sheet of paper is, for me, one of the greatest pleasures there is.
I am currently working on a variety of ideas for both television and the big screen. Watch this space!
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