Patrick the Photographer

Whilst I can turn my hand to photograph most things, my real passion is to photograph people. An interesting face in front of an appropriate setting is where I derive the most pleasure when behind my stills camera.

Extend that, my absolute personal passion is for photographing tribal peoples and remote places. I am not sure if this has made me primarily a travel photographer or a portraitist. You decide.

Photographing in often challenging and harsh environments has taught me to work with the minimum of fuss and often very limited gear. Generally two bodies and a maximum of 2-3 lenses – always including my 80mm and 50mm primes.

I try to work quickly, simply and as unobtrusively as possible with a 35mm film or digital camera. I use primarily a Canon Eos 5D Mark III but also my trusty old 35mm film Canon Eos 5 for some of my black and white work.

Beyond the choice of subject, light is everything. Working in equatorial Africa can be particularly challenging.

During the majority of the day the sunlight can be incredibly intense and controlling it impossible. And very frustratingly, I am, more often than not, travelling to and from remote locations during the best light of the day! Wherever possible I will employ judicious use of shaded settings and shadowed areas together with a reflector or anything I can find to bounce the light to create necessary shape and form. In these environments setting can become almost as important as composition in establishing the optimum scene. Working somewhere undercover with bounced or very restricted light often presents the best opportunities for me.

As you will see from the majority of images on the site, I like to allow the subject and the framing to speak entirely for themselves and prefer an ‘old school’ composition using a more traditional reportage approach rather than ‘gilding the lily’ relying on the latest gimmicks or post-production enhancements to create a more commercial style photograph. As a photographer it is my belief that I should create the image within the camera as much as possible and allow the subject speak for itself.

I have been fortunate enough to have work published in numerous national newspapers, magazines, periodicals and also to work with a variety of commercial clients over recent years.

Do get in touch if you have a challenging project to capture…

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