Patrick the film director

Prior to working in the film industry my media career began as a copywriter in advertising. For almost a decade I worked in a number of leading London agencies including Benton and Bowles, Boase, Massimi Pollitt and Fletcher Shelton Delaney under legendary guiding Creative Directors such as John Webster and Len Weinreich. A perfect training ground for creative thinking and developing precision. When you only have 30 seconds to get the story across tightly crafting and communicating an effective message is essential.

My advertising origins and training within these various Creative Departments led me into film-making. I have now been writing and directing film for more than twenty years and my work includes television commercials for the UK and international markets as well as a very broad range across the spectrum of non-broadcast work.

Film directing has taken me all around the world into many extraordinary lives, challenging situations and working environments.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to work alongside wonderfully talented casts and crews, as well as post-production experts across an extensive range of disciplines. This has given me a real opportunity to acquire diverse experience and skills. I have shot with budgets large and small on both 35mm and 16mm film – and of course digital media; and am just at home in the studio and on location. I like to think that I am equally adept at directing performance from actors and non-actors alike.

The nature of my development as an advertising copywriter meant that I continually had new products and services to promote for many varied clients and different audiences. My accounts ranged from campaigns for everything from cars to razors to supermarkets. This put me in good stead to turn my hand to a very eclectic range of film subjects and genres.

Perhaps this diversity of subject matter has had made me difficult to pigeon-hole as a film-maker; but instead I think that it has given me a, perhaps unique, opportunity to develop the ability and confidence to craft interesting and entertaining stories from diverse, even difficult or dry, subject matter. This has meant that I have also had the privilege to make a number of films on ‘delicate subjects’ including senile dementia, bereavement, HIV Aids and various disabilities and have developed the ability to create emotion through film whilst avoiding mawkishness and sentimentality.

Each film director is born out of very different disciplines. I believe mine to have given me the confidence and ability to produce effective work that engages at every level for the project’s audience but it also has made me extraordinarily aware that a good director is only as good as the team that surrounds them.
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